Oct. 4, 2022

The Problem With University Rankings

The Problem With University Rankings

University rankings play a big part in where a prospective student chooses to go to school, but most rankings focus on prestige and what other peers of institutions think of each other rather than the influence the university is making on the students and alumni.  

Dr. Jed Macosko is the President and Research Director at Academicinfluence.com and a professor of Physics at Wake Forest University. At Academic influence, they use a ranking engine that assesses influence in the academic world by ingesting, analyzing, and evaluating huge amounts of data. Because of this, the data is less prone to bias and manipulation, giving accurate rankings to universities. In this episode, Dr. Macosko brings thoughtful insights and resources into how higher ed marketers can use rankings to tell their stories and show the value of their institution.  

Join us as we discuss:

  • How Dr. Macosko got involved in ranking universities and what data they use for academic influence
  • What is important to future students and parents that the current ranking systems doesn’t take into consideration
  • The alternative solutions that academic influence offers that other ranking systems don’t
  • How higher ed marketers can use rankings to help market their school better 

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