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Feb. 22, 2022

State of Capital Campaigns: Internet Giving & Micro-Philanthropy

Ever since the internet lowered barriers for fundraising, getting the attention of donors has gotten increasingly harder. Many co…

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Feb. 15, 2022

The College Tour: A Peek at Schools Across the Country

Many prospective students don't have the resources to travel across the country and tour all of the colleges and universities tha…

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Feb. 8, 2022

Why You Need a Loan Repayment Assistance Program

To succeed at higher ed marketing, you need to understand the challenges prospective students face. For example, what hurdles do …

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Feb. 1, 2022

How to Leverage Student-Produced, Authentic Content

Sometimes when marketers get all gung-ho about creating work, especially content that looks “professional,” it can blur the authe…

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Jan. 25, 2022

The 5 Elements of an Effective Fundraising Case Statement

When creating a fundraising plan for your institution, the very first step is developing your fundraising case for support. Bill …

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Jan. 18, 2022

Solving For the Right Things in the Right Way: IU Strategies to Retai…

Even at a small college, the risk of becoming siloed is high. At a large school with multiple campuses, it’s crucial to emphasize…

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Jan. 11, 2022

The Evolution of University Websites: Becoming Adaptable

It’s hard to imagine, but some universities needed convincing before integrating a school website in the 1990s. Fast forward to t…

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Jan. 4, 2022

How To Win The Loyalty of Your Students w/ Exceptional University Off…

With all universities vying for students, creating value through exceptional experiences and differentiated offerings is the only…

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Dec. 28, 2021

Finding Donors and a Shrinking Higher Education Market

It’s no secret: The market for higher education is shrinking. And whether that’s a seminary, graduate school, or a small private …

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Dec. 21, 2021

Staying Ahead of the Next Big Thing in Higher Ed Marketing

There’s always going to be a “next big thing” in higher ed marketing. The important thing to remember is it’s not so much what th…

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Dec. 14, 2021

Big Data (& How Higher Ed Marketers Can Use It!)

There are thousands of marketers across a variety of industries that are leveraging big data to promote products and services, al…

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Dec. 7, 2021

The Authenticity of Peer-to-Peer: Influencer Marketing in Higher Ed

Prospective students aren’t as responsive to websites, emails, and mailers as they used to be. These days, younger generations ar…

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Nov. 30, 2021

Mission-Fit Students: Graduate & Seminary Enrollment Marketing

There’s a degree of simplicity to enrollment marketing in the undergraduate world. The schools have the luxury of buying lists to…

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Nov. 23, 2021

You Need an App: Why a Website Isn’t Enough

The good news is that you do not need any coding knowledge at all to create a digital place that students have near-constant acce…

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Nov. 16, 2021

Talk Less, Listen More: The Story Behind the “Heroes Made Here”

When it comes to marketing leadership roles, it pays to speak less and listen more. Anna-Maja Dahlgren , Director of University M…

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Nov. 9, 2021

How Schools Are Succeeding w/ One-to-One Video & Tik Tok

What’s the best way to garner the attention and interest of Gen Z? It’s communicating with them through the channels and mediums …

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Nov. 2, 2021

Tribe, Community, Belonging, Trust: Leveraging Peer-to-Peer Connection

Students don’t actually want technology to replace all human connection. What prospects do want is one-to-one relationships with …

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Oct. 26, 2021

Student Success = Institution Success

Higher education is like marriage. Once you’re hitched, if you stop investing in the relationship, you can’t be surprised if it d…

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Oct. 12, 2021

How to Improve Your Institution’s Inclusion Marketing

Think about your last webinar (or virtual lecture or virtual campus tour). Did you provide captioning? Did you optimize the capti…

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Sept. 28, 2021

Small University Presidents: Build Your Social Media Presence

Big universities have the luxury of spending $1M per year only on advertising. For smaller universities, that’s close to a tenth …

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Sept. 21, 2021

Authenticity: Aligning the Online Message w/ the On-Campus Feel

A university website is often families’ first look into the university itself. If you haven’t updated your website in three, six,…

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Sept. 14, 2021

Message Creation w/ the Caylor Solutions Team

How do you create upwards of 150 pieces of deliverables for a traditional undergrad campaign designed for enrollment that ranges …

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Aug. 31, 2021

Video Messages for Engagement w/ Gen Z Students & Families

We all have an internet connection with several high quality cameras within arm’s reach. The only thing keeping us from sending v…

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Aug. 24, 2021

Be Like Disney: Reimagining Campus Visits w/ Dr. Tony Turner

Disney is renowned for creating a magical experience for each and every guest. Institutions who focus on creating a unique VIP ex…

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